Wet and Wild


tent in a green field
sleeping wild and later woolly

The night before last I fell asleep to the sound of the wild animals and the river but I was awakened by the howling gail and the lashing rain. The tent held up well but one of the pegs sprang out as the ground got soggy. I searched everywhere for it but it had vanished which was a shame as it was an expensive light weight titanium peg. I had no choice but to pack the tent away wet – I hate doing this but there was no alternative.

path across an ancient bridge
The path ahead

I carried on to the Creed church which was the first dry space I could find to sort out my maps and kit. This lovely, peaceful church was once looked after by the Reverand William Greggor who, in 1779, discovered titanium in the local stream and recognised it as a new element. I wonder if his ghost stole my tent peg? What ever happened to it I don’t feel that it is polluting the ground as there is already titanium present. What a strange coincidence.
The rain continued so I decided to try and find a B&B in St. Austell but to no avail. This being easter weekend the area is busy and many families have been camping, got washed out, and booked into the nearest hotel/B&B. In the spirit of a true pilgrim I pushed on and trusted that a solution would present itself. I picked a track that looked interesting on the map. It looked like there were several old mine buildings and barns so I was hoping for a lovely hay loft or any other sheltered place to spend the night: none showed up.


row of shipping containers numbered with room number 42
YHA shipping container based hotel


row of shipping container
YHA shipping containers


interior of shipping container with bed and shower
Inside my shipping container

Just as I was giving up hope an old farm house appeared in front of me with a big YHA sign. Eden Project Youth Hostel. Hooray! I followed the sign to reception, opened the door and waited. I called out but no body was around – very strange…..

I phoned the Eden YHA and had an even stranger conversation: ‘You cant be in the reception or I would be looking at you!’ I walked outside and read the sign again whilst still on the phone. After a few moments we worked out the problem – I was in the old youth hostel but the signs were still in place. I was told that there were no rooms available at the new hostel but there was space for my tent. Well that would do I thought, but by the time I had walked down the road to the new hostel a room had become available. So all was well.

Youth Hostels have changed somewhat since I last used them. This one comprises several banks of shipping containers which have been covert erected to tiny cabins rather like those on a ferry. There is even a toilet that makes that loud sucking woosh when you flush it just like being on a boat! The prices have changed a bit too – £49 per night.
I could hear the storm lashing against my shipping container and felt glad that I was not in the tent.

close up of Graham's face with wild beard
Shaggy selfie



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