A Night in Dickie

The weather forecast for today was as bad as it could get but it didn’t bother me as I had arranged to meet Kerriann, Hugo (the small dog), in Dickie the motorhome at the Eden Valley camp site near St Austell. Very friendly site I must say.


wild daffodils in a field
wild daffodils

As it turned out the weather wasn’t too bad, with some lovely sunshine between one or two downpours. I only walked about 8 miles today but that’s fine, I am not in a rush and will have days when I walk 20 miles or more. Currently I think I am averaging around 14 miles a day; bang on my ( loose) target. 

Kerriann has brought me some clean clothes and more maps – I must say how satisfying it is to see the pile of ‘walked maps’ but it is a little alarming to see the huge ‘to be walked’ pile. 

Today my walking route, The Mary/Michael Pilgrim way coincided in part with the coast to coast Saints Way which I walked some years ago.   

What I do to tomorrow rather depends on the weather – I don’t want to be wild camping in the pouring rain……… 

The Mary/Michael Pilgrim Way is a relatively new long distance route from West Cornwall to Norfolk. The walk roughly follows the earth energy lines identified by Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller. The discovery of the currents is described in their excellent and enlightening book The Sun and the Serpent. I read this book many years ago and am delighted to be following the currents on the first part of my long walk. I must also acknowledge the huge amount of work put in to establishing this non-religious pilgrim trail. Well done everyone involved! 

Those that haven’t read the book should do so its a classic.


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