A Stopoff Near Lovely Lanhydrock

Near Lanhydrock heading towards St Neots tomorrow

tree downed by wind
glad I wasn’t out in this last night


track between trees
ancient walkway

Last night I was snug and warm in Dickie our motorhome and I missed the wild weather overnight. Today I’ve walked a mere 6 miles to a secret location where the local National Trust warden has given Kerriann permission to park Dickie. Many thanks Matt, Ian, Rachel and all the NT team that have seen their way through the trust bureaucracy to help me on my walk, your help is much appreciated. Staying here gives me another chance to miss the tail end of storm Katie which is currently buffeting the van. It also gives me a chance to recover a little and rest my limbs.

Walking today with a small pack rather than my usual 14kg load was a breeze. I felt very tall and light without the gravitational pull on my shoulders that my body has adjusted to. It also makes me realise that walking from Lands End to John O’Groats with a back up team is a very different matter from hiking if carrying your home on your back.

But whilst traveling between pre-arranged hotels, hostels etc has some appeal some of the best experiences of my walk so far have been the wonderful places that I have spent a night under canvas.


carved stone  at Lostwithiel church
carved stone at Lostwithiel church

I am beginning to realise that I am very dependant on the weather. Yes, I can survive a few nights in the tent in wet conditions but it is no fun. Erecting a wet tent in the rain and having nowhere to dry the day’s wet clothing is about as far from fun as you can get. Also hunting for a b & b in the pouring rain is not the best way to end a long day’s walk.

A must read book is No Destination by Satish Kumar. He is the Jain monk who walked around the world delivering peace tea to world leaders. He set out without any money and relied on humanity to provide for him yet he survived, prospered, and continued to encourage peace pilgrimage. When I am feeling gloomy I must remember to simply have faith and trust that all will be well and that I will be looked after.


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