A Cheesey Finale to a Soggy Day

It was great to have Kerriann and Hugo walk with me for a mile or so this morning. The sun came out for a while – then the wind, hale and rain. But my kit worked well and kept me dry. Leaving my Tilley hat on under the hood of my Rab jacket was a particularly successful experiment. My head stayed warm and dry and the rim of the Tilley kept the rain off my glasses.

I had planned to walk to St Neots today but found that I was there by lunchtime so had a lovely meal in the London Inn and then pressed on to Minions. I tried the footpaths on several occasions today but  they were so muddy they were pretty much impossible to walk down, so I ended up walking on the minor roads. This is a pleasure in this part if Cornwall as there are so few cars. I was walking one of these lanes this morning and got the distinct feeling that I was walking with someone; a man, I think, who was in step with me and  was between me and the right hand hedge. I guess, that the hypnotic effect of road walking had entranced me….

muddy path over the moor
Moor Path

When I got to Minions  I had a quick wander around the wonderful Hurlers stone circles then went and sat in the old engine house that is now an information centre. It was warm and rather pleasant inside so I had a bite to eat and phoned around to see if I could find local lodgings as the forecast was for more rain. No joy – all the B&Bs were fully booked.

OK I thought I will bed down in the engine room – and be gone before anyone arrives in the morning. That plan didn’t work either, a local woman came to lock up and asked me to leave. We got talking  and I discovered she used to be a health worker in Boscastle. She told me about The Cheesewring Farm which I called and hooray! They had a room. The lady from the engine house walked with me until she was sure that I was on the correct path and instructed me to follow it past the Cheesewring quarry and continue until I came to a farm with a wind turbine.

I am now installed in this wonderful B&B enjoying my own little cottage and what’s more the landlady has thrown in a free evening meal – maybe I looked famished! This is a great location – if you want first class accommodation at an affordable price near the stone circles, the Cheesewring, and all the other wonders of Bodmin moor this is the place.

I just checked on the GPS and it tells me that I have walked a total of 101.5 miles.

So around 14.5 miles a day – almost exactly what I had anticipated.

selfie in front of a raging river
Is that the water rising? – Golitha Falls

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