Meeting Fluffy in Dickie

Just as a huge downpour of hailstones burst forth Mr Fluffy appeared wearing his cheerful red jacket and a massive smile. He was also wearing trousers in case you were wondering. I’d just pulled into the Eden Valley Holiday Park after my first harrowing solo drive of Dickie. I worked out a way to strap Hugo the dog in so he couldn’t burst forth onto my lap while I was mid gear-change and after the initial shaking and grumpiness he settled down on his seat while my blood pressure resumed its trip skyward.

close up of Graham's face
A relaxed and happy Mr Fluffy

I had managed the drive at a reasonable average speed of 25 miles per hour, much to the enjoyment of the dozens of cars following behind, and had arrived at the Holiday Park minutes before Mr Fluffy appeared. Great timing.

He’s looking remarkably fit and healthy for a man who will not see the more youthful side of 60 again. Perhaps it’s due to the lack of nagging from me the lack of ‘rolling in poo’ of Hugo that’s contributing to his annoyingly relaxed demeanour.

Two nights in Dickie and it was time to drive home. Of course it was pouring so my speed meant that I was virtually driving backwards at times. A 20-point-turn later and a nervous reverse and I was parked up outside our house. The stress of driving alone with a small dog meant the exhaustion took over and I was in bed by 7:30 PM – unheard of. Not even a drink! I’m sure I’ll get used to it….eventually.

I am yet to tackle the emptying of the toilet. Can’t wait.

silver Hymer 508
Dickie – a big beast

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