Musings on the Moor

Walking around The Hurlers and other ancient stone circles one can always feel a connection with the past but in Minions and around Stows Hill the very ground is buzzing with history and magic. I recall Paul Broadhurst telling me how important he thought Stows Hill was; well I agree with him. The Hurlers, and other standings stones, are placed where they are because of Stows Hill; ancient man revered this place and so do I.

standing stones on the moor
The Hurlers

When I got up this morning I wondered if it was sensible to climb up to see the Cheesewring and walk across the moors to Sharp Tor, the forecast was bad and I anticipated a lot of mud. Well I decided to go for it and had one of the most wonderful mornings of my walk. It was a slog scrambling up Stows Hill with a large rucksack on my back but it was amazing to be alone with the fantastic natural stone structures and the atmosphere they exude. Sometimes it’s a blessing to be with friends but other times it can be a blessing to be on your own in special places like this.

Walking across to Sharp Tor I got caught in an intense downpour of hail but it didn’t cause a problem other than creating more mud for the rest of today’s walk. This part of the moor is modified by man, he has lived and worked here for thousands of years. It’s only recently that nature has reclaimed  it. I wonder if man chose to live here because of the atmosphere and natural beauty or if man has tweaked and enhanced the atmosphere?

Climbing over a style I managed to catch my waterproof leggings on some barbed wire and they now have a large tear. What was the barbed wire doing on the style? Ask the inconsiderate farmer who put it there!

Am bedded down early in my tent as the forecast says that its going to be cold tonight – better be in my sleeping bag early to keep warm.


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