Oops Where Are My Maps?

It was lovely to see Kerriann and Hugo at lunchtime. They came to top up my supplies of maps and clean clothing – the only problem was that Kerriann forgot the batch of maps that I will need in the next day or so. Never mind. She will meet me tomorrow instead.

stone row on Dartmoor
stone row on Dartmoor


spooky stone row on Dartmoor
spooky stone row


stone row on Dartmoor
spirit of the stones


tent by Shirley Pool
Shirley Pool camping

I can now say for the first time that I feel as if I am walking away from home. Until the last day or so I have been getting closer to Boscastle – now the distances from home are growing by the day.


dog on track looking back
Hugo wants to go too

I am not sure that camping here tonight was a good idea. Apparently it will rain tonight. I am in a gorgeous spot called Shirley Pool on Dartmoor and my tent is lovely and dry after a night in the drying rood at Okehampton YHA where I stayed last night.

Lets see what the night brings…..


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