A Sunday Song Line

mary michael pilgrim route waymark
On the right path

It was nice to walk some of the Two Moors Way today – familiar stretches of paths and fond memories.  I trekked this route with my friend Anthony last summer and it is one of my favourite walks. We did have some rainy nights but the weather was generally much better than it is now.

It rained last night so I have had to pack away a wet tent so I am looking to find a hostel for tonight. Currently I am in The Chagford Inn in Chagford, waiting for Kerriann who is delivering the maps that she forgot yesterday!

Last night, camped besides the beautiful Shirley pool, I again noticed the ‘human’ voices in the sound of the running water – words, calls and songs. Australian aboriginals talk of the ‘Song Lines’ they follow when they are on walkabout. Maybe one can literally hear the earth singing in special places like Shirley Pool?

thorn tree by a cottage
Grown from the Glastonbury Thorn

The thorn tree above was grown from a cutting of the Glastonbury thorn . It’s in the lovely church yard of St Mary’s in Throwleigh.


2 thoughts on “A Sunday Song Line

  1. Ian & Janet

    Hi Graham, it was good to meet you yesterday in passing, not far from Hittisleigh church. We were on day 2 of a five day walk, so it was an inspiration to hear about your plan. We have the prospect of great weather on Dartmoor today, so we’ll be looking out for the places you have mentioned, and thinking about what we could do in the future. Wishing you all the best, will keep checking in to see how you are getting on.

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