Witch Museum Fans Everywhere

Sitting in the pub last night I planned today’s route and ear-wigged the conversation on the table next to me.  Should they have a Eurovision evening in the pub? Anyone want cheap tickets to the Labour party conference? How wonderful the Museum of Witchcraft was!  Yes, really, the landlord was planning a visit today. I am gobsmacked at how often this happens to me – the museum is talked about all around the world.

yellow primroses along a pathway
Devon Primroses

I announced my interest in the said museum and everybody had nothing but praise for it – I was very proud and pleased. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the museum Gary as much as I enjoyed your pub.

Some miles down the road from Drewsteignton I got chatting to a couple of bee-keepers, it turned out they knew and loved Boscastle too. The chap was telling me how awkward he felt when he was first given  his bee hives; how he had to stand in front of each hive and tell the bees that he was their new owner  and that he would look after them. I talk about this tradition in my book (The British Book of Spells and Charms);  how you must inform bees of any changes in the affairs of their keepers and their families.

Kipling wrote:

Marriage, birth or buryin’,

News across the seas,

All you’re sad or merry in,

You must tell the Bees.

Tell ’em coming in an’ out,

Where the Fanners fan,

‘Cause the Bees are just about

As curious as a man!

I arrived in Crediton thinking it would be easy enough to get a B&B as it has been raining and drizzling all day but no rooms were available. The latest forecast said that there would be one more downpour at around 6 pm then it would be a dry night. So I walked on looking for a good camping spot. Eventually I spotted some bright green grass up a track off the path, as I turned a deer ran out in front of me; ‘a sign’, I thought. I set up camp after the huge storm cloud had passed over and watched a beautiful sunset.

I laid still in my sleeping bag until the birds stopped their alarm calls and resumed their normal song – I have been accepted into their environment….



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