From Interview with a Dutchman to a Horse-drawn Canal Boat

The tent stayed dry all night. It was warm enough to leave the outer flap open a little so as to improve the ventilation enough to stop any condensation. The forecast was good for today so I got dressed and prepared in a very pleasant mood, mooching around, enjoying the scenery, then, literally out of the blue, down came the rain and soaked the tent. Never trust a weather forecast!

So yet again I am walking with a wet tent in my pack.

I walked away from the wonderful but moody and menacing moors and into the sheep strewn rolling hills of North Devon. The red mud in this area clings to your feet and creates a suction that feels like you’re wearing lead-weighted diving boots; it sucks your energy and coats every item of clothing you are wearing with a gloopy red muck.

I walked hard today as I had an interview arranged with Wilmar Taal, a Dutch journalist interested in some aspects of The Museum of Witchcraft. It was nice to meet up with him, his wife, and the girls from the excellent Troy books who drove him out to meet me.

The Exe Valley Way must be a treat when the path is dry but it was so wet that it was almost impassable and difficult to hurry.

I am always being asked ‘when will you be at ……..?’ It is so difficult to predict how long it will take to get somewhere unless you know the path. Obviously you can look at the map distance and contours but they won’t tell you about the footpath diversion, the fallen tree or the energy-eating mud.

Have camped next to the Grand Western Canal. The forecast is for a wet night so with any luck it will stay dry!


4 thoughts on “From Interview with a Dutchman to a Horse-drawn Canal Boat

  1. Ah, that silly woman of mine 😉 The final leg of the Eldermans research has begun, so I keep you to your promise to walk slowly 🙂 Good luck and I will send some good weather your way!


  2. Natascha Huisman

    It was verry nice to meet you Graham and I wish you good Luck on your journay and many save miles and hope to see you again next year when we will return to this beautiful place!

    Liked by 1 person

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