Tilley Appeal

Graham is devastated that he has lost his Tilley hat!

If anyone is around the area between Barrow Mump and Othery in Somerset please look out for it. It has his phone number and his card with his email and blog address in it. He thinks it may have been knocked off when he was climbing a stile but is not sure. He’s walked a couple of hours already today so is not keen to retrace his steps.


7 thoughts on “Tilley Appeal

  1. Hi graham
    Great reading your blog today ,i can just see you walking along with undies blowing behind rucksack (flying the flag of boscastle)so had a good laugh then a little cry on your very touching writing about pilgrimage and what this long walk means to you .Do be carefull if fields have cows and calfs in ,go round if you can .if hat turns up you must stick a flower in it .
    Lots of love thinking of you
    Helen Andy Stellaxxx


  2. Hi Graham! If your Hat is less than 2 years old, and it doesn’t turn up, than please contact our UK office about redeeming your Hat Insurance. They can be reached at: +44 (0)1326 574402 or info@tilley-uk.com. To learn more: http://www.tilley.com/uk_en/guaranteed-insured/
    We have heard of a lot of Hat return successes though, so we’re pretty hopeful your well-journeyed Hat will be returned to you.
    Tilley Endurables

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