Retracing Old Steps to Glastonbury

Well, I didn’t meet Andrew the ghost last night but did hear the sound of children laughing and playing. This is rather strange as it was far too late for it to have been carried from a school or playground. I have experienced this phenomena before at Madron Well in Cornwall – all very strange.

map of Somerset Levels shoing 1996 route in orange and current route in blue
1996 map route

I’m using an old map of the Somerset Levels and alongside my highlighted route (in orange) is a blue line that was the track I walked in 1996 when I walked from Hampshire to Cornwall  to purchase The Museum of Witchcraft. Strangely I was walking the Mary/Michael Pilgrim Way before it was created.

After the 1996 walk I remember thinking ‘I hate the Somerset levels’. This time around they confuse me. The people I have met are all lovely, the fisherman netting baby eels (elvers) and the farmer who caught me trespassing on his track were charming. The women cleaning the churches, and passers-by were all fine but I still feel uncomfortable here. Maybe it is the lack of topographical features or the fact that it is all so low; should we be walking around on ground that is below or close to sea level?

I am missing my lovely Tilley hat and wonder if I left it on a fence post. I found myself on the wrong side of a drain and had to walk a mile or so to find a bridge to rectify the situation; getting hot and bothered I stopped to remove my coat. It’s easy to knock my hat off when removing the backpack so I think, being next to a drain, I placed the hat somewhere safe during the operation and suspect that, being flustered, I forgot to pick it up.

walking poles propped against stile - Glastonbury Tor in the distance ahead
Looks like I’m heading in the right direction

I’ve booked in to The George and Pilgrim pub in Glastonbury tonight as it’s going to rain and I’ve had a chance meeting with some friends – a very pleasant end to a strange day’s walking.

Covered 18.9 miles today.



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