Up and Down All the Way to Wells

graph showing the elevation of Graham's walk
Elevation of Graham’s walk

It’s quite uncanny. Every time I’m supposed to meet Graham anywhere we arrive at exactly the same time. Yet again a fluffy disheveled man appeared around the corner just as I returned to Dickie fresh from checking in at Wells Touring Park.

Looking a tad thinner than when he set off three weeks and 244 miles ago, his smile was just as broad as when he’d left me on the cliffs at lands End. His last couple of days on the levels included a rather boozy night at The George and Pilgrim in Glastonbury book-ended by walks along muddy tracks and up and down the Tor.

After an equally arduous drive in Dickie we were treated to a fabulous meal at Goodfellows in Wells by Graham’s mother Betty. If you’re into seafood this is a great restaurant.

He set off again today on his way towards Bristol via the very witchy Wookey Hole. It looks like he’ll be wildcamping again tonight as he when he tried to book a bunk house at a farm near Cheddar he was informed it would be £70 a night….for a bunk……he’d be bankrupt if he paid that every night on his way to Scotland so tenting it is. Here are a few pics from his last 2 days.



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