Rainy Walk to Bristol…Uggh

Am taking it easy this afternoon as it has been pouring down all morning. I slept well last night listening to the pittapatta of rain on my tent and awoke early to the sound of ( you guessed it) the pittapatta of rain on my tent.

Last night I spoke to Kerriann on the phone and got her to book me a bed in Bristol YHA. I had a horrible morning walking; it was very wet and muddy and I was truly shocked by the amount of fly tipping on the back lanes and tracks as I approached Bristol. The lanes were disgusting; old fridges and washing machines, plastic waste bags and building debris. Somerset you should be ashamed!

Walking in the suburbs of Bristol was also a culture shock; cars, trucks and buses whizzing past so close. I’ve been spoiled by walking in the quiet countryside for three weeks.

My tent is strung out over the tumble dryers in the drying room – I guess there is no need for tent drying faculties in a modern urban youth hostel. This is a busy place but I suspect I’m the only guest who’s walked here! I can remember when you could only stay at a Youth Hostel if you walked or cycled; strictly no cars or public transport back then!Β  Still, I’m enjoying the luxury of a hot shower, a comfy seat and somewhere to sort out my route for tomorrow.

Graham standing outside the Cotswold store in Bristol
Loving Cotswold service

I bought most of my walking kit from the Cotswold Outdoors because their staff actually use the kit; they know what they’re talking about and give good advice. I called in to see them today as I had a split in one of my gaiters and a tear in my waterproof leggings. Obviously they’ve been through the mill over the past three weeks, in fact they have done more miles in three weeks than most world do in a year. The guys at Cotswold were as good as ever and replaced my leggings and gaiters with no charge. I did in fact upgrade the gaiters to Rab ones as I have been so pleased with my Rab coat. So a big round of applause to Cotswold Outdoors for being such good sports!

Graham with a hair cut
The ‘New Do’ along with a tired face

I also took the opportunity to get my hair cut. I don’t normally mind my hair and beard getting a bit long but it is difficult to keep them clean when camping.Β  So I’ve had a good trim! What do you think?


24 thoughts on “Rainy Walk to Bristol…Uggh

  1. Moy lane

    I am enjoying your walk Graham,very interested can Kerrianne is my cousins daughter, so feels as if I know you. You are very brave to tackle such a walk in such bad conditions, keep up the blog and best wishes, Moy from Baradine, Australua.

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  2. Jane sinclair

    Wow Graham love the new hair πŸ™‚ or lack of !

    You are doing really well I keep Christopher updated and he admires you for what you are doing , especially with all this rain .

    Are your feet sore ?
    I have friends in Cheltnham and if you are near and need to re fresh they would be more than happy to put you up for a night .

    Hope the weather gets better for you soon .

    Take care and happy onward journey .

    Jane , Paddy , Christopher πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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  3. Sandra McDonald

    Wow Graham, you are such an inspiration. Love reading your blog rest up today and as they say tomorrow is another day.☺will look forward to the next update. Regards from Australia πŸ‘

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  4. Anonymous

    will you be anywhere near Gloucester on your travels or else where else are you likely to be in the area we could maybe meet up? xxx Moira


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