Wye Oh Wye

Whilst I did not expect the Wye Valley Walk to be a flat track along the river banks I’d not expected it to climb up and down like the Cornish coast path. That said, it must rate as one of the most scenic and varied paths in the country. At times it was a little scary with 100 foot drops down to the river from a narrow, muddy track. 

sign saying 365 steps
This looks ominous


view of valley throuh trees
View over the Wye
 I stopped at Tintern Abbey for a cup of tea and a baked potato. The abbey is an impressive ruin but today it was not calling me. It did not feel special or sacred, just pretty. 

the wall of a ruined abbey in silhouette
A Pretty Ruin – Tintern Abbey
 After a coldish night, today got bloody hot and I was walking in shirt sleeves for most of the day. Removing a jacket or putting one on is not a simple procedure when wearing a heavy rucksack. Ideally you want to find a wall, table or bench to rest your pack on whilst removing the straps, then you have to remove the map wallet that hangs around your shoulder and the gps from around your neck. With that all done you have to remove the waterproof cover from the rucksack, open it up and find the appropriate jacket. After donning the jacket you have to reinstall the rucksack, map pocket and gps by which time the change of weather that initiated the procedure has usually passed.

I have reached Monmouth tonight and booked into a commercial campsite so that I can have a shower and wash some socks.

Several people have told me the the Wye Valley Walk is a great walk – now I can see wye.


4 thoughts on “Wye Oh Wye

  1. I know what you mean about Tintern Abbey. Living quite close to the place, I have spent many hours there trying to ‘tune in’ pretty much to no avail. As you say very pretty but sadly unable to share much of it’s undoubtedly interesting past. Having said that I did have one experience of the presence of non-physical form but it was more of an impression and lacked any duration; the essence of something at once happy but also quite sad. In the woods above the Abbey I have always found it a quite different story; always seem to be teeming with life on all planes!

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