Bye to the Wye

A lovely day’s walking; it was bloody cold to start but once the sun was high enough the layers started coming off. I did around 10 miles before lunch at The Red Lion in Bredwardine. What a smashing pub, friendly landlord, good banter with the locals and a big Sunday roast followed by apple crumble and custard – what more could a walker want?

The land lord was telling me that very few people walk the Wye Valley Way – that’s such a shame. I rate it as one of the best walks in the country. I suspect that the guide book and its ridiculously ambitious distances for a day’s walk will have put a lot of people off or caused them to drop from exhaustion before getting this far up.

There were some serious climbs this afternoon and they are still knackering me. I had hoped that i would have built up some muscles by now but that does not seem to have happened. I’m still aching all over. It was also very muddy in places. Mud and steep up or down are a bad and potentially dangerous combination. I would look for skid-marks in the mud from earlier traffic to warn me of slippery spots but still ended up on my backside a few times.

With any luck today’s sun and wind will dry things out. Tomorrow I should join Offa’s Dyke which is notorious for lots of mud and too many styles……..fingers crossed.


I was planning to meet Kerriann at Hay on Wye but am running ahead of schedule. Lovely as Hay is, I have no reason to go there as Kerriann is being pampered in Deal. So I’m saving a few miles by cutting across to Offa’s Dyke on the Herefordshire Trail. I’m camped up in some woods and listening to the beautiful bird song as the sun sets.


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