Boundaries and Breakfast

Walking along Offa’s Dyke has got me thinking about boundaries. It seems that Offa built this bloody great long dyke just to mark the boundary- to show people what was his. It’s not a defensive structure; it would be impossible to make one this long. What a lot of effort simply to mark a boundary.

I’ve been drifting in and out of Wales for a week or more now and to be honest everything is the same; the trees, the sheep, the weather, the people, the churches, birds. The difference is simply a line drawn by man on a map or, in Offa’s case, a big ditch and mound. Yet boundaries cause so many problems, wars and disputes.  When I wild camp, like now, in an empty patch of land it seems madness that I am acting illegally; somebody owns this plot and could, technically, turf me off it because of a line on a map.

I’ve just had a visitor, a nice local chap who has invited me in to his cottage for a cup of tea in the morning – that’s nice.

Shropshire tap
nice to have a supportive tap

Mick and Gayle overtook me today; they’re the couple who have walked LEJOG before. In looking at their blog I notice that they’ve also walked from the South Eastern corner of Britain to the North Western corner of Scotland; now that is impressive! Take a look at their blog

I had a lovely pub lunch in Knighton and then tackled a massive climb to the ridge – the sun was shining and it was hot. When I eventually got to the top, I stripped a few layers off and laid out in the sun and snoozed for an hour. It was lovely.

I have had a request (Anthony) for a culinary edition of the blog but every day has been different. So best I just use today as an example:

Breakfast – I have run out of porridge so had dehydrated noodles instead (can’t remember the flavour but they all taste the same).  The surplus water made a cup of tea.

Lunch in a pub- leg of lamb with rosemary, mint and seasonal vegetables followed by a sponge pudding with custard. Wash that lot down with two pints of bitter shandy.

Filled up my two 750ml water containers.

Afternoon snack – Mars bar.

2nd afternoon snack – bag of nuts and raisins.

Evening – large mug of tea. Dehydrated mushroom soup.

Any nutritionists out there? Is this a good diet? Probably not – but I reckon you can eat what you want on a walk like this.

Am camped close to another trig point tonight. My friend Arthur sent me this link to a lovely article on trig points – l love the painted ones .


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