From Dyke to Duct

Back on Offa’s Dyke today and managed to get a map in a local Post Office. I feel so much more comfortable with an OS map even if I am on a well way marked trail. When I woke up this morning I opened the tent flap and got a brew on the go. Early morning dog walkers on the tow path shouted a jovial good morning across the canal to me thus confirming that this is the friendliest place in the world.

sheep wool hanging from barbed wire fence
Welsh bunting
viewpoint looking into cloud sky
nice view if you could see it
tea making facilituies next to a stile
a stilish brew

Today I say good bye to The Dyke and headed off to Chirk to meet up with Kerriann and Hugo who have brought up essential supplies. I am also going to take my first day off as I think I have minor sprains in both feet, they hurt if they twist sideways. I think a day off will do me good.
I met a couple of walkers from Cornwall today who have been considering what to do when they retire – they have been walking Offa’s Dyke with friends in weekend stages. They felt the weight of my rucksack and immediately ruled out wild camping LEJOG ! 

end of Offa's Dyke
goodbye to the dyke
canal boats on an aqueduct
Chirk Aqueduct

It’s lovely to meet up with Kerriann and Hugo and to have a long soak in a hotel bath.


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