Pom Pom Man

If you’re planning on losing weight I suggest you walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats. it much a much slimmer Graham who welcomed me in Chirk on the weekend.

pompom man
Pom Pom Man

His head is like a pom pom on a stick!

lost about 2 inches from his waist

It was great to see him and catch up on the details of his walk. He looks very healthy despite a bit of foot unpleasantness and he’s meeting up with a few lovely people along the way.

Chirk aqueduct_1
Chirk Aqueduct

He’s heading up to Chester today and the weather is looking terrible for the next week. I think he’ll be searching out bunkhouses and hostels over the next few days.





4 thoughts on “Pom Pom Man

  1. Hi Graham
    Catching up with your blog .I couldnt message you last week as the leave comment box was not there anyway its back today so here i am .the blog has me laughing out loud in the gallery.you are meeting some lovely people along the way ,many with food and drink ,the cream tea on the canal looked nice.kerriann came in on mon with the best banana cake i have ever had ,still warm and squajy.Its like winter here today ,hope your keeping warm and that the foot isnt giving you too much jip,it did look a bit scary on photo.great news that new tilly hat has arrived . I recon you can eat as much pub sponge pudding and custard as you can fit in .
    all for now
    keep on going Graham ,
    lots of love Helen Andy Stellaxxxx

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    1. Thanks Helen , yep I am
      Eating loads of good pub grub. Just had gammon eggs and chips but still loosing weight! Getting into the North now – all looking a bit industrial – hope I can find somewhere to pitch the tent! Lots of love to you all, Graham x


  2. Catching up with your blog after a few days away. Its nice to know that you are meeting so many friendly, helpful and interesting people. I would imagine its these things that help to keep you going on your journey. Stay warm and look after the foot.

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