From The Shroppie to Mersey

I seem to be sleeping better in my tent than in hostels. The chap that I shared a dorm with last night in Chester Backpackers watched a movie on his laptop in bed. He fell asleep with the bloody thing repeating the film endlessly all night – he needs to get some headphones and some manners/ consideration.

I worked my way out of the roman city via the North Gate in the city walls and after a couple of mistakes was soon back on the Shropshire Union Canal otherwise known as ‘The Shroppie’.  I have noticed before that people near cities are less friendly or more nervous about talking to strangers and they don’t come much stranger that me. I did, however, exchange a few pleasantries  with some of the ‘boaties’ and dog walkers on the tow path.

Good progress was being made until I left ‘the cut’ for the North Cheshire Way when all the usual Cheshire footpath problems re occurred; ploughed paths, no way markings, rotten and dangerous stiles, and a general feeling that nobody around here cares a dam about their ancient rights of way.  What a shame.

At one point I found myself in the middle of a small anti-fracking protest camp. One of the protestors explained that the farmer has sold one field already and is thinking about selling another to a fracking company. The farmer had also parked a large piece of agricultural machinery across the foot path – the nice protestor helped me over a nearby gate and directed me to the public right of way.  Thank you kind sir you are setting a far better example than this local farmer.

I have still covered some 15 miles today and am feeling a little tired so have found a nice little spot for my tent next to some woods. The distant road noise is something I will have to get used to now I am getting into the more industrial regions.


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