Bridgewater Canal in the Sun and Rain

I’ve been walking along the beautiful Bridgewater Canal in sunshine, snow, rain and hail. Luckily there was more sun than any of the various forms of precipitations!

This canal is over 250 years old and was cut with picks and shovels – a huge engineering project that must have caused massive disruption. But I know that I’m not alone in finding this industrial architecture beautiful as well functional. The Bridgewater is a wide canal. I can’t imagine how many navvies it must have taken to dig it but I for one am glad they did; its tow path is a pleasure to walk.

Bridgewater canal
Bridgewater Canal


I don’t appreciates much art but the sweeping curve of the horse bridge or the chunky black and white paddle gear on an old lock takes some beating.

Wild camping in the woods tonight listing to the Folk Awards on Radio 2.

I think it’s going to be a cold one.



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