Lancaster Looms

Not only did my hosts give me the run of their home last night they even got up early and made me a lovely breakfast. Thanks again guys!

Lancaster canal swallow
Swallows over Lancaster Canal

It rained all day today, not hard but persistent, the sort of rain that makes you really wet. Now my gear is quite good; my Gortex coat worked well and so did my waterproof trousers which, incidentally, I wear over a pair of long johns. I didn’t wear gaiters today as I didn’t expect much mud but will do tomorrow. Even with all this good kit, and even after a lovely relaxing evening, the rain is depressing especially as the forecast said showers. So I have had a shortish day today and booked into the busy Royal Oak in Garstang.

Garstang Plaque
nice idea

I didn’t enjoy my lunchtime pub stop at Bilsborrow (Owd Nell’s Canalside Tavern).The interesting looking thatch pub was extremely busy but I managed to get to the bar and purchase a bitter shandy. I then made my way to a nearby table and was about to take my backpack off when a young staff member told me that I couldn’t sit down without having pre-ordered food. ‘I just want to sit and look at the menu’, I said, but no she would not let me sit anywhere. I was stuck with my large backpack on my back, a pair of walking poles in my left hand and a pint in my right……….

I left the pub soon after as they clearly didn’t want my custom – they need to do some staff training too. Never mind, I met some nice walkers on the towpath that recommended the Royal Oak where I am now staying. They also told me how much they enjoyed The West Highland Way which I am looking forward to tackling later in this trip. With any luck the weather will be a bit better tomorrow and I will continue along the grass towpath to Lancaster and maybe beyond…


6 thoughts on “Lancaster Looms

  1. Jack Evans

    Hi Graham we,ll be singing in Padstow today ,so lots of hail,hail etc and we,ll be thinking of you ,that is all the Boscastle buoys,the weather was dampish for the old oss yesterday,but its bright and a bit warmer today for the singing .Enjoy the borders when you get there.BB ,Jack and Ollie dog!

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  2. Cheryl Maughan

    hi Graham – sorry about the north of England – you need to get to Scotland – they will see you right! Kerrian and pals beat us in Wellie quiz tonight – but only by a bit and they had added extra – lovely peeps so no contest….. but a lovely team nevertheless …….so onwards and upwards into the Celtic domain… are doing a grand job sunshine – and so enjoy your trial and tribulations – it will all come right in the end – with more than a hint of bagpipes – thought of you and your May song you used to sing in the Wellie – maybe we could get a quick blast of that along the way- Its a great song and you sang it so well with oomph and May always reminds us of you so go for it – through the magic of your travels and technology – it will warm everyone’s hearts ready to spring into a proper Spring…just a wee extra challenge – big hug and warm layers Cheryk n John xxxxxx


  3. katharine pollard

    Not the best of places the owd barn. Across the road at the roebuck would have been better. Never mind. If you continue along the canal right through Lancaster the white cross on the canal there was our local. Some of the staff will know us as pint of Guinness and Stella. They have excellent beers there too.


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