Singing for Sunshine

This morning started out drizzly and damp, I fought hard to remain cheerful but it is hard to smile when the weather is frowning.

So I sang May songs:

Winter time is gone and past Oh,

Summer time is here at last Oh…

Still it rained

For Summer is a coming in

And winters gone away Oh.

Still it rained

To keep my spirits up I applied the number one rule in ‘Grahams Walking Manual’, i.e.,never pass a tea shop without calling in.

‘Sit by my radiator, it will warm you up’, insisted the tea lady. ‘Have a free sample of our flapjack’. I must add that to my list of rules…..never turn down free flapjack.

Whilst sipping my tea and drying my dripping clothes I noticed a strange phenomena through the window – a small patch of blue sky. After my second cup of tea the rain had stopped and things were definitely brightening up.

good job I lost weight
Good job I lost weight

By around 3 o’clock I was unzipping pit-vents in my coat and even lowering the side vent-zips in my waterproof trousers. I was warm and dry and the sun was shining. Hooray! As the sun came out so did the people: walkers, runners dog walkers etc. The walk into lovely Lancaster got quite busy.

I spoke to one chap who was training for the three peaks walk – apparently it’s 24 miles and has 5000 feet of elevation. He said that the record is around 2 and a half hours! Apparently the fell-runners run up the peaks then belt down the slopes at about 20 miles an hour! Madness!

I’m pitched up in a field next to the canal. The sun is shining onto the tent and I can feel its warmth radiating from the fabric.

I should join the Lancashire coastal path for a while tomorrow; just around Morecambe Bay before heading for the Lake District.

I think I must be around half way to John O’Groats. The original length of my planned walk was about 1260 miles but I have modified the track quite a lot as I’ve spotted better routes. I suspect that my remaining distance is something like the 567 miles that I have already walked.

welcome to Cumbria
Welcome to Cumbria

Let’s see what Malcolm the Map Master says………



3 thoughts on “Singing for Sunshine

  1. Hi Graham, your comments about taking a track and finally, the realisation, that retreat is the only answer, came to mind as me and Kath cycled into an ever diminishing road that eventually beat us..a clay-like mud that clung around the brakes!! Kath said..”I think we should try a different route!!” and memories of your wise words, made it easy for me to reply..”yep!”
    Enjoying the blog…keep going!!!! Dave French


    1. Nice to hear from you Dave, I suppose cyclists have exactly the same type of problems that walkers have.
      It’s always difficult to turn around and spent a hour going back along the route you have just come but sometimes it has to be done!
      I enjoyed my stroll through Lancaster – saw another side to it ( rivers and canal ) this time – its a lovely city. Hope your enjoying your journey. Graham

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