A Great Pub on a Great walk

It’s lovely to wake up in my tent having spent a whole night in it without a drop of rain.

I purchased a new thermal sleeping-bag liner in Preston and it seems to work really well. I was using a simple silk liner which was ok but there is no doubt that the new one is warmer and stretchy so it’s not so restricting.

I walked a few miles of the Lancashire Coast Path around some of Morecambe Bay. You can see why it’s so dangerous; miles of tidal mud flats. Then I cut across to the Lancaster Canal again but this section is unused and unusable. Someone however takes the trouble to look after the towpath and the local Canal Trust has provided some very welcome seating along the route.

invisible canal
an invisible canal

A lady on the towpath, the only person I met today, told me that The Smithy Inn in Holme does good food. They were very busy coping with a funeral but found me a seat with a 13 amp socket so I could charge my bits and served the best steak pie in the world! On the way out the land lord said ‘ don’t forget to pass your water bottles across the bar for filling up’. Lovely friendly service with good food, what more could you ask for. I highly recommend it!

I’ve covered 18.2 miles today; mind you it was mainly flat and nice grass to walk on. The sunshine helps a lot too.

Top up with Kendal mint cake tomorrow!


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