Wonderful Windemere

600.8 miles covered so far!

That’s what my old Garmin Dakota GPS tells me and that is a personal record. I walked the Camino de Santiagio de Compostela across Spain some 12 years ago which was almost exactly 600 miles long so I can now say that this is the longest walk that I have done in my life. Or maybe I should say so far in my life. Tomorrow I hope to have passed my half-way point which Malcolm the Map Master tells me happens at 609 miles.

I’ve been spoiled will all that flattish walking on canal towpaths and my legs are telling me that they don’t like the Lake District hills, but my mind is simply loving the views.

I walked into Kendal today and went into a couple of computer shops to see if I could sort out my GPS which is working fine but not showing my planned route.

The first shop had an unhelpful attitude but the second one was great and simply let me use one of their PCs – thanks lads. I didn’t sort the problem but did download my track log – a record of exactly where I have walked – and sent it to Malcolm who ,I’m sure, will put the track on a map and publish it here.

Any Garmin experts out there?  The GPX file displays the full route when connected to a PC but only about half (the southern half) on the GPS.  I suspect the file is simply too big and next time I can get to a computer  with Garmin Basecamp installed Il try deleting the southern way points ( halving the size of the file) and see if that works.

On my next long walk I may buy a newer Garmin that is compatible with my phone and Ipad but they’re not cheap.

I’m in my tent which is tucked away behind  a rock ledge on the hills above Windemere.  I’ve Just started listening to the folk program on Radio 2 so I will say good night, see you tomorrow…..



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