The Cumbrian Way

Only 11 miles today but a spectacular 11 miles and a climb of some 500 meters over Stake Pass.

This was bloody hard work, especially with my heavy pack on my back so I took the advice of the experts and went very slowly. The views were spectacular, breathtaking and well worth the sweat and pain. These Lake district valleys are a world away from civilisation; no road or tractor noise, no phone signal, no FM radio signal, no anything apart from beautiful scenery. I am currently following the Cumbrian Way which I am told is a popular long distance path but I met very few people on it despite today’s lovely weather.

I’ve enjoyed hearing a cuckoo merrily cuckooing across the valleys most of the day. I managed to make the pub in time for a lovely lunch then walked a few miles along the Borrowdale Valley before finding a good tree to hang my tent from to let it dry out. This morning there was a heavy dew and the sun was hazy so it wouldn’t dry it out. By mid-afternoon the haze had gone. Several people stopped and told me how comfortable I looked lying under my drying tent leaning on my rucksack which in turn was leaning on a tree.

I have now wild camped in the woods above Derwent Water which I am currently looking over as I write this blog. Keswick for breakfast and supplies tomorrow.

(Photos for this post can be seen on the previous post – Kerriann)The Cumbria Way


4 thoughts on “The Cumbrian Way

  1. Mollie and Ken Setterington

    Hello Graham,
    So pleased the weather has improved for you. A favourite place of ours Keswick, hope you enjoy visiting. Keep smiling, keep walking. good wishes from Mollie and Ken

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