Garmin Sorted and First Night in a Bothy

Woke up this morning to a hazy sun that continued to shine all day. I wandered the 4 or 5 miles into Keswick and had a lovely breakfast and topped up my supplies:

Porridge – the sachets that you simply add water too.

Mixed nuts and raisins – good on their own or for adding to the above

Drinking chocolate sachets

Gas – spare cylinder for my stove

Map – the next OS explorer , I will need it tomorrow all being well.

Ibuprofen – anti inflammatory tablets for when my feet hurt.

Water – filled up my two 75ml bottles

Breakfast bars – to snack on whilst walking

Kendal mint cake – wasn’t on my list but thought I should have some while in the Lake District

Fruit- a large orange – I try and get one or two fresh fruits a day.

Batteries – AA batteries for my GPS – it uses a pair every day and a half.

would be rude not to
Would be rude not to

My only remaining task was to find a computer shop to have another go at fixing the problem with my GPS; it’s not displaying my planned track. I asked at Cotswold Outdoors if they had a Garmin expert and was told that Alex was my man. He was busy I could wait in their library. Alex was incredibly helpful as are all the Cotswold staff. I explained my problem and we decided that I was probably correct in thinking that my Land’s End to John O’Groats file was too big for the device. We found that one of the office computers had the correct software, and very soon deleted half the waypoints (the ones I have passed) and renamed the file LeJog North and my lovely green line appeared once more on my display.

This makes it so much quicker to check that I’m on the correct path.

So yet again I find myself praising the team at Cotswold Outdoors especially Alex who helped me solve a problem that was proving very difficult without internet or a computer.

Leaving Keswick in a good mood, I tackled my first hill of the day and was pleased to reach the summit which happened to have a small car park used by walkers. At the end of the car park was a chap selling ice creams and I ordered a mint magnum. We chatted while he dug out the item and he only charged me half price became he admired what I was doing so much. It turned out he was a walker who has had to give up due to a back injury. He was reading Ranulph Fiennes’ books; ‘I still crave the adventure’, he said. His back is recovering so good luck to him.

I continued on the Cumbria Way which is simply stunning. It can be difficult in places with some steep climbs and a bit of scrabbling to avoid muddy/ flooded parts, but it is a great trail.

After a big hard climb up to 1932feet I have come across my first bothy (a free sleeping hut for walkers), so I’ve stopped a little early. I’ve still managed over 13 miles which I don’t think is too bad over this terrain with a heavy pack.

The wind is whistling around my little house and I can feel the temperature dropping fast.

I’ll shut the door, light a candle, and get a brew on the go.

Then an early night.


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