A Difficult Beautiful Path

Had a lovely first night in a bothy.

Lingy hut_1
My home for the night – Lingy hut

Lingy Hut is, in fact, little more than a large garden shed but it’s in the most amazing location on the top of the fells. It’s at an altitude of about 1900 feet. There’s nothing in the hut other than a raised sleeping area, and a chair. I was on my own so luxuriated in all the space compared with my tiny tent. There is something about these special, high fells – I feel extremely privileged to have spent time here, on my own, contemplating the beauty of this incredible part of our country.

I am extremely thankful to the volunteer team who maintain this bothy. I felt sad to leave my lovely hut but the sun was rising and most of today’s walking would be down hill. Looking back at the fells I got a sense of pride: ‘I have just walked over those’, I said to myself as I looked at the massive mountain range now behind me.

I stopped at a village shop and bought some provisions including factor 15 sun screen as I could already feel my arms burning.

The shopkeeper confirmed what a dog walker had told me – the Cumbria Way was blocked ahead and I should divert to the west a few miles. This I did but when I rejoined the walk I found the next section was also closed because the bridge had collapsed. All the way today there has been evidence of devastating flooding; it reminded me of Boscastle.

I had a lovely strip wash in the river again today and even washed my underwear and socks – this is luxury for the long distance backpacker!

washing done
washing done

I could have continued further today but would have soon hit the suburbs of Carlisle and camping would be difficult. I am close the River Caldew but not on the bank; too many insects.

Hadrian’s wall tomorrow possibly………….


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