Along Hadrian’s Wall

Had an early morning wash the river which is a great way to wake up!

Walked into Carlisle to top up supplies and get a good breakfast but struggled to find anything other than Starbucks, McDonald’s and other big brands that charge a lot for very little. Eventually I stumbled on an American Diner which was fun; I had French toast with bacon followed by a stack of pancakes- all with maple syrup and fruit.

I love being able to eat whatever I want without worrying about getting fat.

I Also charged my batteries a bit at the diner- it’s a real problem getting them topped up when I have a long run of wild camping. All I can do is use pubs and cafes but some days I don’t pass any. So please excuse my short responses to emails etc as I’m trying to minimise my time with the phone switched on. You may wonder, then, how I am doing the blog every day. I get into my tent at night and write up my day then send it and my photos to Kerriann who tidies up the spelling and grammar, downloads the photos and basically manages the blog site for me.

This afternoon I’ve been walking The Hadrian’s Wall Path with has been fairly boring compared with the Cumbria Way. This section has, however, been fairly flat and I have clocked up about 16 miles, not bad in this heat. I’ve met quite a lot of walkers today including a couple of women who met and planned this walk whilst doing VSO work in Nepal. There were also a couple of Dutch guys, some nice Canadians and two young American girls who were suffering from the heat. I was told of another American party that had given up and got a taxi to the end of the wall. Apparently his pedometer had registered 22 miles on a route that his guide book said was 13 miles!

Not much of ‘the wall’ to be seen at the moment , just lumps and bumps in the ground. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


One thought on “Along Hadrian’s Wall

  1. Kevin Rayner

    Met Graham yesterday (10th May) coming down a steep crag near Once Brewed on Hadrian’s Wall Path. He asked us if we had come far today (four of us had left Chollerford that morning). So of course we asked if he had come far and his reply of Lands End floored us! A great inspiration to tired limbs and aching feet. Awesome achievement and four new followers of your blog. Enjoy Scotland.

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