Plodding Along the Pennine Way

I walked 17.8 miles of the Pennine Way today without meeting another walker.I did, however, meet two cyclists in the Kielder Forest and asked if there were any food shops in Byrness thinking they had come from that direction. ‘I don’t know’, one of them said, ‘but you’d better have these just in case’, and handed me two caramel bars!

It turned out that there is an amazing and famous place amongst Pennine-wayers; establishment called The Forest View Inn. This is the mid-terraced home of Colin and Joyce who love looking after walkers. I knocked at the door and was welcomed in; ‘the restaurant is closed at the moment but I’ll gladly make you a sandwich,and help yourself to as many free teas as you want’, said Colin. Their house is an inn, a restaurant, a pub, a campsite, a hotel, a walkers’ information centre, a shop and many more things besides.

Colin explained that this is not Pennine Way season yet but in a few weeks it will be really busy. ‘I’ve had to open a bunk house over the road’, he said, ‘I simply can’t bear turning walkers away’.

He also told me that the maps for the section I was about to walk are usually out of date – the woods have been cleared. The paths have changed or been rerouted. He was right; both my new OS map and my GPS OS map showed the Way in different locations to the actual path.

Some of the paths were quite boggy and whilst avoiding a particularly bad section I grazed my leg on a tree stump. I think it’s all OK – I’ve cleaned it up with water and applied some Germolene. I also have a slightly sunburnt left calf. Might wear long trousers tomorrow.

Another common complaint about the Pennine Way is that ‘it is nearly all paved’. Well, this is not the case with the 40 or so miles I have walked. Where there is some paving it has been sympathetically done in granite which blends in to the surroundings – it is infinitely better than getting boots full of mud.

I passed through Scotland today and am just on the English side of the border in the Yearning Saddle Mountain Refuge Hut for the night. A basic hut but location, location, location.


4 thoughts on “Plodding Along the Pennine Way

  1. Hi Graham
    Hope you are well today and that your spirits are up ,they should be as your walk is amazing ,and you are an inspiration.The blog and Malcolms maps also photos are great .I really love bluebells on my path photo ,can we print this off please Graham .Hope you find a good pub lunch toay and somwhere nice to get a good nighs sleep .
    well done Graham ,keep on going
    lots of love Helen Andy Stellaxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Helen,
      As I write I am tucking into a roast duck posh pub meal😊 so I won’t be wasting away! Now in Ratho about 7 miles west of Edinburgh.
      I hope all is well in Boscastle
      It’s lovely to hear from you,
      All the best
      G x


  2. Paul

    Met you on hadrians wall possibly with the large smiling chap and we took your photo , now following you with interest , what an inspiration and the very best of luck to you , my only regret is not offering you a top up of single malt on the hill side, good luck and I hope you enjoy the last weeks of your walk , regards Paul and Gordon

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    1. Hi Paul and Gordon, It was a pleasure meeting you guys – I am sure that you are enjoying your walking as much as I am. Keep it up. I also wish I had known that you had some single malt! Next time we meet I will cadge a week dram! I bet you two inspire others with your tales of Hadrian’s wall- good on you both.


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