Getting Closer to Edinburgh

Sunny hot days and chilly nights seem to be the theme for the Scottish leg of my walk so far.

It’s been a lovely day for walking but my fingers are starting to go numb with the cold as I type this and it’s only 8 o’clock in the evening.

blogging selfie
blogger’s selfie

I’ve enjoyed watching the fish jumping in the Tweed and also watching the fly fishermen not catching them.

I covered 17.8 miles today mainly through coniferous woods and along the river Tweed.

The visitor centre in Tweed was the third one I have visited that has run out of OS maps; apparently their supplier has gone bust. Thankfully there was a bookshop with a good supply so I am a happy man – at last I have a map for the path I am walking and the next map (Edinburgh area) ready.

I’m getting near Edinburgh and Glasgow so am mentally preparing myself for the culture shock – difficult whilst lying in my tent listening to the birds and the wind……

Have to stop and warm my hands up now.



4 thoughts on “Getting Closer to Edinburgh

  1. Anonymous

    go visit my nephew Jamie and his wife Jo at their café (the filament café) in clark street Edinburgh if you have the time. Best coffee ever. I’ve asked them to look out for you xxx

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