Malcolm does Maps

Graham’s just sent me his overnight stays up to last night, 16th May. The march on Scotland continues apace and he’s within sight of Edinburgh.

There’s a new symbol on the maps – the black square (there aren’t that many symbols to choose from and a racing car didn’t seem appropriate) means bothy or walkers’ shelter. The others are as before – “tent” is camping (usually wild), “house” is B&B or staying with friends, acquaintances or simply those who’ve taken pity on him, “motorhome”, strangely enough, still means motorhome.

Anquet Maps
overnight stays to May 16th
waypoint analysis.xlsx
accompanying text

According to his GPS (which doesn’t always agree with my mapping software, but hey-ho) he’d walked 787.2 miles up to last night. 57 nights away from Boscastle and 57 days walking, allowing for the meagre 1 rest day. So an impressive daily average of 13.8 miles, compared with 11.8 miles averaged in the first three weeks of the walk.

A mere 375 miles to go – but some tough walking on the way. On the basis of his recent performance, he might hit John O’Groats by 12th June, which would be comfortably within his original estimate.

I can only admire from my armchair…”

Malcolm the Map Master



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