Grouchy and Soggy

First I must thank Malcolm the Map Master for the lovely progress maps and reports – thanks Malcolm.

Pentand Way
Pentland Way

I think the reason that the distances are slightly different on Malcolm’s software and my GPS are: my GPS is recording where I walk even if it is in the wrong direction. I often deviate from the planned route, sometimes to take a short cut, visit a shop or attraction or more often when I take a wrong turn or direction. Malcolm’s software is expecting me to walk the route I had planned by stringing together several long distance footpaths.

The distance walked today is over 17 miles and that brings the total distance walked to 805.7 miles. Tonight I am in the Travelodge in Edinburgh as there is rain forecast. I’ve just had a long soak in the bath and am washing loads of clothes.

stormclouds over Edinburgh

Last night I didn’t sleep very well mainly because I was cold and damp. I had an accident with a cup  of water which I spilt inside the tent soaking my sleeping bag and liner.

A few nights ago there was another incident involving chicken soup and an ordinance survey map but I digress….

Kerriann detected that my mood was not good when I phoned her this morning. I think the lack of sleep and lack of decent walking path (I was on an old disused railway line) along with traffic noise added to my slight depression. Even the big full Scottish breakfast that I ate in a roadside cafe didn’t really lift my spirits.

It wasn’t until the ground started to rise and I left the houses behind to the north of Penicuik that my spirits lifted. As I walked up Glencorse I could hear the military drum and pipe band playing in Penicuik barracks. I tried walking in time with the music but a military march is too fast for me especially up hill.

It was interesting to see the cup marked ancient stone against the kirk up here.

Later, on the Pentland Hill, I passed the firing ranges and paid particular attention to my navigation making sure I avoided all the danger areas marked on the map.

I stopped for half an hour to dry the tent out by hanging it on a sign post and was thinking about wild camping, I even checked out some spots by Bonaly Reservoir that looked ok, but I pressed on and before I knew it I was in the outskirts Edinburgh. I used my phone to find B&Bs near me but most didn’t answer their phones and those that did did not have a room for a single person so I’m in a Travelodge again.

I don’t particularly like these places but they do have a bath and they are dry and comfortable. I do, however, like Edinburgh and used to spend quite a lot of time working in the National Library of Scotland and drinking in the folky pubs here.  If the weather is bad tomorrow I may find a better B&B and take a rest day or I might have a shorter day’s walking.

I’m quite looking forward to strolling along the Union Canal for a few days heading towards Glasgow.

Let’s see what sort of mood I’m in after a night’s sleep in a proper bed.



4 thoughts on “Grouchy and Soggy

  1. Gloria Quinlan

    Wow Graham we are both in Edinburgh on the same day! If you are staying here on Thursday perhaps we could meet up somewhere – but I don’t want to hold you up. I am enjoying your walk especially the fact that you are not doing a ‘mad dash’ to John O’Groats but choosing to walk some ‘pretty routes’. Hope your feet are keeping well. We are all with you in spirit. Gloria Quinlan

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    1. Hi Gloria,
      Unfortunately I am already a few miles along the Inion towpath – now in a hotel in Winchburgh . Will be heading towards Falkirk latter if the weather is kind. Have a lovely time in Edinburgh!


  2. Philippa

    Shame your spirits are being dampened by the weather. There was hail in Bodmin this morning but it’s sunny in Boscastle now. Hopefully the sunshine will head north at speed.
    Hope you find a cosy place to relax for a day in town, enjoying a leisurely beer and a dose of culture.
    P 🙂 X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kathy Wallis

    Dear Graham I was in Edinburgh last week and it really is a lovely city. I took time out to see the Celts exhibition again this time at the NMS. I saw it in London and had to see it again. You are doing brilliantly. I could never do it Many Blessings Kathy

    Liked by 1 person

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