Do You Think I Need New Boots?

Boots failing
must stop tap dancing
Boots failing_1
looking a bit ropey

4 thoughts on “Do You Think I Need New Boots?

  1. Cheryl Maughan

    Long answer yyyyyyyeeeeeesssssss! good to hear you doing well in Scotland> There’s an awfae guid folk song “Follow The Windings of the Union Canal.” – would suit you sir! I wish I could come along and translated for you in Caledonia – lang may yer lum reek_ you are doing great and we enjoy your blogs very much and think and talk of you often. Hope Kerrian well on her way to you – intrepid lady and accompanied by yer wee dug!

    Lots love and big strength vibes
    Cheryl & John xxx


  2. Mollie and Ken Setterington

    Yes Graham you do need some new boots. More support for your tired feet.Keep walking, Keep smiling. support you all the way to John o Groats. regards Mollie and Ken

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