These Banks Are, Indeed, Bonny

It’s good to be walking again after my day off. The weather has been fabulous – far better than forecast –  the sun was out but not too hot, the wind was blowing but not too much and the hills were there but not too steep.

wood store
love a good woodpile

Walking the West Highland Way is yet another of my ambitions being fulfilled; it has been on my bucket list for many years. I always imagined that it would be a very difficult walk but it appears to be only difficult in sections. I think Rannoch moor might be one of those sections and The Devil’s Staircase doesn’t sound as if it’s easy going! I will find out over the next few days.

I did around 18 miles of relatively easy walking today. It was a little hard on the feet though; not much grass and lots of hard surfaces like compressed gravel. My boots are hanging on in there; no more obvious problems with them.

It was lovely to meet the West Highland Way Trust Team in their home-made shepherd’s-hut-style caravan made from recycled materials. I think I can feel a project coming on.

The trust raises money to help with search and rescue, does litter picking and lots of other good work. They give free tea and Mars Bars to walkers and hope for donations to their cause.

Of particular interest were their pets – a baby wolf and a tame wild cat! The wolf has been imported from Russia; apparently they have no fear so are particularly good for lowering from helicopters in search and rescue situations.

The wild cat was a rescue and they think it is the only tame wildcat in Scotland.

Because of abuse and over use, wild camping has been banned on the east banks of Loch Lomond. Yes I am on the bonny bonny banks of Loch Lomond – so I am camped on a commercial site. I am sure that I could tuck myself away on the hills above the path and not be noticed but I respect the wardens, and the reasons for the regulations so I’m being a  good boy.

Such great folk music on radio Scotland.



2 thoughts on “These Banks Are, Indeed, Bonny

  1. Anonymous

    That is top on my bucket list! Thanks for walking it for me – bit late now, I guess. Look forward to reading more! (Long may your chimney smoke.!..Don’t know the Scottish spelling…)

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