Knee Expert Needed

A good day’s walking on a gorgeous trail. Quite a busy trail, apparently 80,000 people a year walk this way and most of them seem to be out this week. 

view of loch lomond
love a loch in the distance
calm loch mirroring sky
mirrored loch
washing on line in front of mountains
washing done
field of bluebells
bells on the path

I don’t blame them, the weather is perfect.There are a lot of first time walkers on the West Highland Way and some of them are really suffering – one couple of nice chaps that I met, Craig and Steff, were struggling. Craig has problems with his hips and Steff with blisters and foot pain. I do hope they are OK and that I run into them again tomorrow.

This reminds me of walking the Santiago de Compostela across Spain – every day or two you meet someone that you have met before and everybody supports each other.
This is also a very cosmopolitan walk, I have met people from Australia, America, Germany, Holland, Poland, and many more places. 

waterfall along the way

I have been getting a strange pain in my right leg just above my knee on the inside. I assume that this is a slightly pulled mussel (oops I mean muscle) 
and hope that it’s nothing more serious. It hurts mainly when I am going down hill – not a sharp pain but enough to worry me a little. Any experts out there? Are there any stretches or exercises that might help this problem?

I am in a lovely bothy tonight with a few other hikers – we are getting the fire going to deter any midges rather than create warmth but it also makes it quite homely. Mind you it already has homely ornaments on the windowsill!

last night’s bothy
graham standing outside bothy
king of the bothy
fireplace inside bothy
small dog statue on windowsill
interior of bothy
neat and tidy


5 thoughts on “Knee Expert Needed

  1. HI Graham,

    It sounds like you have Quad strain or possible bursitis with referred pain into the Quad muscle, or Patella ligament strain. Exercising it at this stage is probably not a great idea, as it is already getting hammered from the walking. But there are things you can do until you finish the walk: put arnica cream on it morning and night, around the head of the kneecap and up into the muscle group above the knee. Get an elastic bandage or support for over the knee and wear it when you are walking to protect it. Sleep with a pillow or something similar between or under your leg to lift it. when you are walking downhill, walk sideways or at an angle for a while, and switch sides. If you are going down a steep slope, definitely go down sideways. Make sure your boots are still supporting your feet (a lot of this comes from the wrong placement of the feet on the floor while walking or running long distance) and watch your feet to make sure they are not doing something weird while walking like turning in, rolling inwards etc. Also, try stretching your toes upwards as you walk, which will put pressure back on your heel, which in turn engages the muscle down the back of the leg, so that the front (quads) don’t have to do all the work.
    I hope you are ok, I am so amazed and impressed with what you are doing, and it is wonderful to see the pictures as you go along. Good luck and big hugs

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    1. Garry O'Brien

      Graham – I was going to say at least get an elasticated bandage on even without a diagnosis. Sounds like Josephine has it cracked – and in case you dont have a knee problem please dont eat your “mussell” – Regards Garry

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