Along the Devil’s Staircase

I knew it was dangerous camping near a pub. Needless to say I was led astray by fellow walkers who plied me with whisky. As soon as I walked into the pub I was invited to join a group of walkers that I had met earlier on the West Highland Way. A good night was had by all in this excellent pub, The Kingshouse Hotel climbers’ bar.

West Highland way signpost
at least I’m on the right path
Glen Coe
Lovely Glen Coe
stepping stones
stepping stones

I didn’t have a lot to drink but I’m out of practice. Ive hardly touched a drop on this walk apart from the odd nip from my whisky flask. Still, I slept well once I’d found my tent.

I’ve made good progress north over the past few days and should make Fort William tomorrow in time to get my boots sorted out. I thing I’ll stay in a hostel or camp site so that I can get my washing done and have a decent shower; Im feeling a bit dirty.
I’ve just met some young walkers that were finding the walk too difficult so they ditched their tents and camping kit and went to B&Bs instead. Without the extra weight the walk has become a pleasure for them – they were walking with a bounce and chatting merrily – they obviously made a wise decision. 

Devil's Staricase  path
Along the Devil’s Staircase

I am pitched beside the way in a lovely glen a few miles north of Kinlochleven.
Kerriann, Hugo and the motorhome are slowly heading north – it will be lovely to see them. 


8 thoughts on “Along the Devil’s Staircase

  1. Jan & Brian

    Nothing like a “wee dram” to help you along. Glad the weather is co operating with you Graham.
    Kerriann, hope you and Hugo are enjoying your journey north.

    Jan & Brian

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