A Day Off In Inverness 

I’m having a rest day today and have walked a few miles into Inverness town centre with Kerriann and Hugo to top up supplies.I purchased the last 6 OS Explorer for the final leg of my trip to John O’Groats which is now less than 200 miles away (I think – need the map master to confirm). I also purchased enough walking pole ferrules (rubber ends) to last me to the end of this trip.If all goes according to plan I will walk some twenty miles to a camp site where Kerriann can meet me. Kerriann is however expecting some important documents in the post and if they do not show up she will have to stay in Inverness for another night and meet up with me in the next day or two further up the coast. Bearing this in mind I have stripped my backpack down to bare essentials – I still have to carry a tent and sleeping bag but do not need to carry more than the one set of clean clothes, or a stove and gas. Lightening the load one carries makes a huge difference. A heavy pack puts strain on the whole body so a lighter pack will be very welcome. 

This last leg of my walk will consist of a lot of country lanes, forest tracks and weaving around the busy A9. It is the only section of the whole walk that I am at all worried about but it is just about impossible to get away from the dreaded main road. I will just have to be extra vigilant when crossing the road. The problem is when walking for long periods in the quiet countryside it is easy and possibly desirable to enter into a trance, a state of mind when you notice the wild life around you and day dream the miles away – this state of mind is not compatible with fast cars and trucks.

I promise I will be careful.

Onwards and upwards.