Leaving the Black Isle

Today’s walk, as expected, was mainly on minor roads and tracks with the odd encounter with a main road. In planning, I tried to pick a route that was completely off road but that is impossible for this final section so I am following the John o’Groats Trail. This is a relatively new long distance path which is still a ‘work in progress’ but the team that has put it together have saved me (and I dare say a lot of others) an awful lot of work. They have filled in the missing link for LeJoG walkers and come up with a route from Inverness to the top of Scotland.

sign for cromarty bridge
very shipping forecast

Whilst this sort of road walking is not my favourite, today’s trek was quite pleasant and I managed 19.7 miles across the Black Island to the camp site in Evanton where I met up with Kerriann and Hugo.

It was interesting to note how few dwellings there are in this part of Scotland – there is a lot of space. The buildings that are around are either large farm houses with Range Rovers in the driveways or 1970s style bungalows. Just occasionally you will see an old cottage still occupied but most are derelict. I notice that the Glenmorangie distillery is close to tomorrow’s route. Will I get distracted by it?

ribbons tied on tree branches
glad to see old magical traditions alive and well

Watch this space to find out …


3 thoughts on “Leaving the Black Isle

  1. Cheryl Maughan

    I expect you will get distracted Graham – I certainly would if I was anywhere near Glenmorangie distillery ……….whey hey- go for it and I look forward to the updates on your wee visit there- and you wil maybe bring back a bottle or three to a very sunny Boscastle!
    love Cheryl n John xx

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