Geraldine Beskin of Atlantis Bookshop Reviews Graham’s Book

The Atlantis Bookshop in London is one of the most well known esoteric bookstores in the UK. Owner Geraldine Beskin reviews Graham’s book The British Book of Spells and Charms.

Every now and again, a little honey of a book appears and you just know you will love it and use it. The British Book of Spells and Charms is just such a lovely chunky little thing that it is almost obviously nowadays that Troy Books have published it. It is fresh and pretty and simply crying out from some wax from an old school guttering candle so when it is passed on it has even more character. 

The author is well known for his long association with the Witchcraft Museum and he has chosen useful examples of charms that may well be hundreds of years old but they still work today. There are even some county variations so showing a loyalty to your family’s origins can be a part of the sympathetic magic bought into play to effect the positive outcome. This is practical, no nonsense, no frills, household problem solving if someone has got a stye on their eye or a handful of warts, a toothache or a tummy ache. It wouldn’t be complete without love spells and has others to aid sleep. The contents are so interesting, the illustrations so good, that it could be a long night before you put it down so maybe the charm against the night riding spirits will be handy.

 His book is available at The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle or from publisher Troy Books.


4 thoughts on “Geraldine Beskin of Atlantis Bookshop Reviews Graham’s Book

  1. Richard

    Graham good to see you are now north of Inverness. I have slogged up the A9 and A99 to Lybster. Wish I had known about the JOG trail,which seems far superior. Looks like your 1000 ml point was similar to mine, which was a couple of mls north of Clunes by a small waterfall. As I took a photo a plane flew lo over the loch – a fly past to mark the occasion !!! I only have two days to finish on Sunday afternoon. Good luck and best wishes for your finish.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Richard,
      Yes, so far the JOG Trail seems fairly good although nothing like the fantastic trails that we have already walked. But I have managed to avoid the A9 so far apart from bridges.
      Have a great finish,
      All the best


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