The Healing Well

The photographs of the strips of cloth tied to trees are from the Cloutie (pronounced clootie) Well in Munlochy.

Munlochy Healing Well

I talk about cloutie wells in my book The British Book of Spells and Charms. Traditionally, to cure an ailment you tear a strip of cloth from clothing near the problem, soak in the spring (well) water and tie it to a tree. As the cloth decays the problem disappears. In Mulochy the area around the well has hundreds, if not thousands, of clouties hanging in the breeze performing their magic.


2 thoughts on “The Healing Well

  1. Garry O'Brien

    Graham – when I was first travelling in the non-motorized Ireland I would use many back roads to avoid getting stuck behind lorries mainly going to Dublin. I’d often come across trees by streams in the backs, of the backs of the beyonds, that were filled with ribbons and cloth just like the ones you found. I must see if I took pictures and let you have them. Just near here Saint Gobnait’s well (in Ballyvourney) has such a tree (and a Sheila Na Gig in the wall of the nearby Church ruin).


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