A Stunningly Challenging Coastal Walk

This morning’s walking was fabulous. Mile after mile of beautiful sandy beaches and only the birds to share them with.

cliffs and sea
north of Brora

This afternoon was also spectacular with regular sightings of deer on the cliff tracks. When I say tracks I mean deer tracks – the John O’Groats Trail ran out of tracks and guided me across open gorse and bracken covered cliff tops. This was rather like walking the Cornish Coastal path but without the path. I could have coped with this if the way wasn’t also peppered with deer fences. These stop everything passing except deer. I witnessed a family of deer jump one fence as if they were horses competing in the Grand National. But as an obstacle to man they are very effective. 

I persisted with the route until I reached a river gorge crossing; there was no sign of a path, track or bridge so I backed out and resorted to a mile and a half of the dreaded A9 verge. But a I had a lovely day’s walking and it’s lovely to meet up with Kerriann, Hugo and Dickie the motorhome! Over 1105 miles covered – less that 100 to go!

stone monument with gorse in foreground
Badbea Clearance Village monument