Misty Day

The John O’Groats trail has again been more of a trial than a trail.

mist over cliffs
a misty start to the day

It has spectacular views and scenery but is incredibly hard work. I must have negotiated ten or more barbed wire fences this morning and the vegetation was up to my knees. This makes it very difficult to make any progress.  
At one point I climbed over a difficult fence and a few meters on I found a box on a post. ‘Walkers open me’ a sign said. In the box was a log book for JOG Trail walkers – it only had one entry and that was dated early February. I don’t think anybody has walked the trail since then other than me. This is a lot of the problem the bracken and gorse have reclaimed it.
This morning was very misty and with high sea cliffs and no defined track the going was very slow and hard. 

foot bridge over chsasm
scary wobbly bridge

When I met Kerriann in Dunbeath, where we are staying the night, she told me that the campsite owner recommended an inland route on minor roads. So rather than struggle on with the JOG Trail I have decided to re route via the Grey Cairns of Canster.

I think that I’m now only a few days away from the finish line. I suppose I’m looking forward to it but have mixed feelings – it will be lovely to not have aching feet, back and body but what will I do all day?
Rather than worry about that I think I will try to concentrate on enjoying my last few days of this incredible adventure and reflect on all the lovely people and places and experiences that have left an impression on me.

thumb with callous
worn out thumbs up