Penultimate Day

A long slog on a boring road to start the day. At leat the road was very quiet; less than one car an hour I would say. The highlight of the morning was seeing an eagle. This massive bird flew up some distance in front of me and flew towards me for a while. I fumbled around trying to get my phone out of my pocket to take a photo but the bird went higher and higher then drifted away to the west. 

drab road walk
 Towards the end of today’s walk, views of the coast made the walk much more interesting. I met up with Kerriann and Hugo in Huna campsite just a mile and a half from John o’ Groats. Yes, less than an hour’s walk to finish!

Tomorrow morning I will finish the job.

A friend (Philip) suggested that I carry on up the coast to Dunnet’s Head which is the most northerly point of Britain but to be honest I can’t be bothered.I didn’t visit the most southerly point in Britain on this walk so I don’t feel the need to visit the most northerly, especially as it would involve walking along the A836 – so John o’ Groats will be the end of this walking adventure.

I will write my concluding blog tomorrow after the short walk. Tonight I just feel shattered after 18 miles of road walking …


7 thoughts on “Penultimate Day

  1. Cheryl Maughan

    Whew – well done Graham- by the time I write this you will probably have reached your ultimate destination- John O’Groats – thought I expect that in the harder times it would have felt like John O’Dreams. We have both really enjoyed The Trials and Tribulations of Graham King- and so looked forward to our daily digest. I can understand you will feel a bit of an anticlimax once you have attained your goal with such purposeful determination – but spare a thought for us -your dear readers, what do WE do now so hooked have we been on our daily fix! Kerrian and Hugo – well done too – so who’s going to drive you home? Look forward to catching up when you’re back in Boscastle…….and reading the full version of the book perchance?!
    Love Cheryl and John xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Cheryl and John,
      Your support has been terrific
      I will do a final blog entry later but we need to send someone else on an adventure that we can follow on line.
      I think we are off to the Orkney isles for a few days.
      Thanks again


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