All Done … And Thanks

I have finished!

map of uk with walking trail marked
the mapmaster’s final map

I walked into John o’ Groats this morning and completed my walk.
First I would like to thank Kerriann for all her help in this adventure especially driving all the way up to the North of Scotland in the motorhome to support me on the last leg.

Also all of you who have left messages of support on the blog or sent emails during the walk – on a cold damp evening in a tent in the middle of nowhere these messages make a huge difference.

Thanks to the great people of the mountain bothies association who give their time, efforts and money to provide free accommodation for nutters like me in the most remote and beautiful locations.

Thanks to Malcolm the map master for all of his hard work providing you and me with maps, statistics and forecasts throughout the walk.

Thanks, too, to the people who kindly put me up for the night, gave me breakfast and generally looked after me.

Thanks to The National Trust and all of the organisations that look after our wonderful countryside, especially those responsible for preserving our incredible network of footpaths. Thanks to the walkers, postmen, beach combers, dog walkers, dustmen, council workers, tourists, cyclists, lock keepers, drivers and everybody that took the time to lean on a gate and pass the time of day with me – it is you that made my journey very, very special.

If my walk has inspired anyone to set out on a similar adventure I am delighted.

If I can offer an advice or share any lessons learned on my journey just ask.

Lessons learnt or relearnt? 

Have absolute faith that the universe will provide what you need to survive when you need it.   

People are lovely.

Most hills are not as high or as difficult as they look.

We are capable of doing a lot more than we think.

We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Now I shall rest …


9 thoughts on “All Done … And Thanks

  1. Jode Lane

    Congrats! Will read more later, got this link from the JOG trail/trial page as I am planning to walk JOG to Inverness next year as a charity walk, hope some of those barbed wire fences have kissing gates by then to let me and dogs through! I don’t understand why people walk all that way and stop at JOG, surely Orkney is the best bit! 😉 Blessings from Orkney – Jode

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    1. Hi Jode
      Thanks for the email.
      I found the JoG trail stunningly beautiful but very difficult to walk – in the end I gave up.
      The barbed wire fences and the tall vegetation were all to much for me.
      It would be easier to do in winter when there is not so much new growth but even then a machete would help.
      It might be difficult with dogs – there is at least one deer fence with vertical ladder structure about 10 foot tall to negotiate and maybe 10 barbed wire fences a day. Also several stock fields with cattle/sheep.
      A gps with the gpx files for the route makes navigation a little easier and will reassure you that you are on the trail when there is no evidence on the ground.
      If I can help in any way feel free to email me on
      I wish you every success with the walk – do let me know how you get on.

      Yes – Orkney is beautiful – I love the stones!




  2. Tia Cordwell

    Hello Graham…. Ive just arrived in UK and been greeted with your amazing news :} What can i say that is new??? … amazing fantastic awesome… and what an achievement!! Well done – makes me wanna do it!! Tiaxx

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  3. Kathy Wallis

    Graham I have eagerly awaited every blog and email. What you have done is something I could never do but I suppose we all have our own lejogs in our lives. Mine is this whole year and the work The Goddess has guided me to do in trying to make life better and give an education to all children around the world. My journey may not be walking but on train and planes or driving from one end of the country to the other but we all have a pathway. I hope the paths you have walked have brought you closer to yourself. Many Blessings Kathy


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