He’s Done It!


23 thoughts on “He’s Done It!

  1. David Precious

    Hi Graham. Well! What am I to do? For weeks I have sat down to my breakfast porridge and read the latest episode of your adventure and now it’s over? You are an inspiration Graham, a truly huge achievement and I have loved the way you walked off road and independent for all those miles. Enjoy your break you must be ready for it. Thanks for sharing your experience. Dave

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  2. Garry O'Brien

    Graham – well done and many congratulations – be sure to have many pints in celebration. All the best – Garry Mary and Sean


  3. Richard

    Graham, Well done and congrats from a fellow end to Ender. When I finished I could not be bothered about walking any further and in the week since I finished haven’t walked any further than has been necessary. But I have learned a lesson from not doing anything since – stiff legs and joints. make sure you ‘warm down’ and do some exercise each day for a while. Bask in the glory you deserve it.


  4. Well done!

    Once your body has finished protesting about what you’ve just done to it, make sure to focus on the bottom right and top left corners of the weather map on TV and suddenly another idea for a walk could so easily pop into your head 😉


  5. Anonymous

    Well done Graham on your adventure, a great achievement. You must be looking forward to a well earned rest. We have been following your progress and was hoping to have been there to welcome you, but unexpectedly had to return to Boscastle, a couple of weeks ago.
    Malcolm & Lynn Biddick.


  6. Aileen and Wayne

    What an amazing effort Graham. We are truly impressed with your determination and courage. Congratulations 👍👍👍👍 Time to celebrate with an ale and a song.

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