Fab Ferry Man

Wednesday 23/5/18

Had a good day today.

It’s funny but everything (well, a lot of things) just worked out right.

I got up early and headed down through Dawlish Warren to find the ferry station. It was slow going. I was walking on dry, powdery sand for a mile or so. Eventually I was at the end of the peninsular facing Exmouth. I noticed a small red boat pulling away from the shore a few hundred yards away. My frantic waving caught his eye and yes it was the water taxi and yes he turned around and collected me.

After being ferried across the Exe my next problem was finding an OS map; I had just walked off the old one. I soon found W.H. Smiths and they had a ‘buy two get one half price’ deal on maps. The shop also had a post office so iIposted the old one back home.

Had a great breakfast in Exmouth and charged my phone and battery pack. Later I enjoyed a rather lovely cream tea in Budleigh Salterton in a traditional tea shop then I hit the track for Sidmouth.

Sidmouth in Sight
Sidmouth In Sight

When I arrived I was a sweaty mess so after a cold drink and an ice cream I headed for the beach, dumped my rucksack on the stones and stripped of to my underpants and went in (much to the amusement of some nearby onlookers). It was bloody freezing but I felt so much cleaner.

After last night’s fiasco I decided to climb the big hill East of Sidmouth and find a wild pitch. It was a slog but I am now on a level pitch beside the coast path. I though it would be quiet as it is 7.30 in the evening on the top of a hill but about 30 runners have just gone by.

So all in all a good day.

Am running out of clean clothes – will have to think about resolving that tomorrow.

The weather forecast is not so good tomorrow so I will need to get an early start.

214 miles so far (about 17 today – that’s good by my standards).

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