No Beer in Beer

Up early and on the path to Beer before 7am. I passed through Beer without stopping for one- it was a tad early.

I was soon in Seaton where I had breakfast, a pint of orange juice and two pots of tea. I’m drinking loads on this trip; I think it’s the heat and constant up and downs. The south west coast path is tough; tougher than many of the high paths of the lake district and Peaks – its unrelenting undulations are a killer.

I found a lovely stream to have a wash in and even managed to wash a pair of socks and some underwear – the problem is that today the sun’s not shining and after a couple of hours dangling from my backpack they are all as wet as when they started.

Luckily I found a launderette in Seaton. I removed my socks but, though tempted, I did not strip and wash the clothes I was wearing. Its comforting to know that I have some clean, dry clothes in my pack.

After Seaton I climbed yet another sweat-inducing hill behind a couple of women who are also walking the path. After about half an hour we all reached the top. It turned out that one of the women was born in the village and wanted to show her daughter the aerial view.

‘That was the school, I walked up that lane past the blacksmith and tuck shop …’ She was not happy with the changes but had to admit that the village was still very beautiful.
The walk towards Lyme Regis was tougher than I had expected and at about 7 oclock I had had enough. There weren’t many flat places to pitch a tent as the path runs through thick vegetation on the side of the cliffs. I’m told that the locals call it the jungle route . In the end I found a clearing under a big old tree on the junction of an old track. Not ideal but it will do and the evening chorus from the birds is a real treat.

I am almost in Dorset, hooray, should have a Dorset breakfast tomorrow.

Mileage to date 228.3 making today’s around 14 miles.

3 thoughts on “No Beer in Beer

  1. John Maughan

    Well done Graham – perhaps you have earned a Dorset Knob for breakfast – found this to amuse you so you (and Keriann!!) understand the traditions of your new home county !
    “A Dorset knob throwing competition was held in Cattistock every year on the first Sunday in May, but the festival moved to Kingston Maurward College in 2017. The festival also includes such events as a knob and spoon race, knob darts, knob painting, Pin the Knob on the Cerne Giant and guess the weight of the knob.”

    Love Cheryl x n John

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