A Stormy Night

Radio 4 this morning said that there had been over 50,000 lightning flashes last night.  I saw and heard every one. It was strangely beautiful and slightly frightening. At around 10 o’clock the first of the flashes illuminated the tent like a camera flash gun, then a few seconds later the boom of the thunder, then another and another for three hours.

I stuck my head out of the tent for a while and watched in awe; then the rain came. It was as if a couple of people had set power washers on the tent – the intense noise  was unbelievable. The rain stopped after about 10 minutes but the storm gods carried on with their display. I didn’t get much sleep.

This morning it rained and I had to pack away my wet tent. I donned full wet weather gear – naturally the sun came out immediately making me look like a fool.

Today I followed the coast path into Weymouth and caught the ferry across the river.  Walking along the prom on a sunny bank holiday was near on impossible. There were just so many people with misbehaving kids, blowup dolphins, buckets, spades and other plastic tat that progress was very slow. I did however get myself a nice fish and chip brunch and charge my phone for a while. I also found a convenient post to tie my tent to – I let it flap in the wind for half an hour or so – it dried it out a treat.

Walking with a large backpack and walking poles doesn’t attract attention on most national trails but on a tourist, seaside prom I was aware that I simply didn’t fit in.

I was pleased to leave the tourist mayhem and get back on the hills and have ended up on the cliff top two miles from Durdel Door – about 3 miles from Lulworth.

I should be able to get breakfast there tomorrow.

16 miles walked today bringing the total to  269 miles


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