Shingle Sucks

‘I Hope you’re not camped by the cliff edge – that’s where they have all the land slides.’ She could have told me that before I pitched my tent on the cliff top, I thought to myself.

Still, despite worrying that every little noise was the start of a major cliff fall, I slept well but woke to the pitter patter of rain on the tent. I waited and waited but it did not pass, so at about 8.30 I got up and packed the wet tent. As I started to walk, in full waterproofs, the rain stopped.

I called in to a cafe in West Bay and asked if it would be ok for me to charge my phone while I had breakfast. ‘No, she said, ‘it’s against fire regulations.’ I thanked her kindly and walked to the next cafe where the owners were lovely. I can’t understand why some people like to make life difficult, especially when it costs them business.

Chesil Beach
Chesil Ahead

Strange walking today, several miles of energy sucking shingle. Walking on this stuff or dry sand is as tough as climbing a steep hill.  All good exercise I suppose- I will have well-toned calf muscles by the time I finish.

I stopped for a break at a small cove that had very convenient car park railings. As the sun was now shining and the wind blowing I tied my damp tent to the structure and within half an hour it was dry. I also found a tent peg in the sand and added it to my collection. Only this morning, when looking for a lost peg, I thought that it would be good to carry a spare.

Walking along parallel to Chesil Bank this evening I noticed that I had a rash on my right arm. I think it must be a heat rash or maybe I brushed against some giant hog weed or similar. I felt that I should wash it. This, combined with the rumbling thunder and spits of rain, made me decide to stop and pitch my tent. I am alongside the South West Coast Path but in a nature reserve so I am sure that I am breaking a few rules but needs must.

not loving this rash

I had a quick wash in the lovely warm lagoon waters – they are shallow and a  bit muddy but it felt lovely skinny dipping on such a muggy day.

The thunder clouds have passed (I Hope) and the winds are picking up a little.

I think I replaced the batteries on my GPS today without turning it off which seems to have affected the total mileage count although the track log seems ok.  I’ll be able to check when I get it back home but by my calculations I walked around 14 miles today added to the 239 total last night brings my new total to 253 miles – less than 50 to go!





Graham King

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